Today we reflect on all of the beautiful lessons and learnings from our fall season titled, “Giants on the Road Less Traveled,” and discuss our upcoming series on grief and the holidays.

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, I’m doing something new that I’m calling my “reflections” show. Joining me to chat about what we learned from the incredible guests who have joined us over the course of this past season is my dear friend and coach, Ellen McCarty. 

In our fall season, titled “Giants on the Road Less Traveled,” we explored a wide array of important and inspiring conversations, including the following:

Today, Ellen and I also talk about how she will be joining me over the next few weeks as we do a series on grief and the holidays. This is a tough time of year for those who are dealing with loss, and we want to do everything we can to offer help, insight, awareness, and whatever is needed to help grievers not feel so alone at this time of year. 

So, please stay with us in the coming weeks as we dive into how to get through the holiday season when you’re struggling with sadness and grief.

About Ellen:

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Ellen McCarty is one of 9 children.  

Her early career was spent in teaching hospitals, primarily running clinical, surgical, and medical cancer programs for Tufts, Harvard, and Brown Universities.  During these 13+ years, Ellen would spend her own time visiting with hundreds of terminal patients and their families and discovering what we humans really value in the end.

The second half of her life brought her to San Diego, where she has been a Business and Marketing Strategist by trade, for more than 2 decades, Ellen has been a one-on-one coach for thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world.  

Her skill, experience, and expertise aside, she consistently found herself more interested in why people were failing to achieve their desires, what was in their way, and how she could help them allow and receive the success, sustainability, and expansion they desired.

For the last 7 years, Ellen has worked with private clients helping them to identify and release their resistance, transform their disempowering beliefs, reconnect with their authentic self, and manifest both business and personal fulfillment.  

I really want to help others to  ‘Live a Great Life….Even when Life is Life-ing.  You know, suffer less, enjoy more!’

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