Today we’re talking about how we can change the world by staying true to ourselves and practicing radical honesty.

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, we are spotlighting a changemaker who has been making the world a better place through art, with a healthy dose of what he calls ‘Radical Honesty.’ My guest, Don Myers, is an accomplished artist, teacher, musician, singer, songwriter, and owner of Don Myers Stained Glass and Mosiac Studio in Oceanside, CA.

Don designs, creates, and installs commercial and residential custom Mosaic and stained glass art pieces and windows. He also works with local colleges and offers classes through MiraCosta and Palomar colleges, as well as classes to the general public.

Don joins me today to share his journey as an artist creating stained glass art since the late 1970s. His studio focuses on 4 major pillars of art: custom builds, education, repairs, and supplies, and the studio offers a variety of services in each category.

We also discuss the concept of radical honesty, and Don explains how he interrupts patterns of behavior and beliefs and speaks honestly and from the heart, regardless of a person’s ‘standing.’ He shares some examples of using radical honesty with students, clients, pioneers, and community leaders, and how honesty can result in big opportunities or unexpected positive outcomes in life.

Don shares that if we were not afraid to be honest, life could ultimately be easier for everyone, because we would be able to have more transparent conversations from the heart without having to tip-toe around what we are thinking or how we are feeling.

“You have to live your life the way you really tell the world you’re going to live it. That’s the only thing you really have is your word.” – Don Myers

About Don Myers:

Don Myers is an accomplished artist who has lived in Oceanside for most all of his working career. He owns and manages a stained glass and mosaic art studio that produces commercial and residential art, and hosts a variety of glass art classes for the general public and students.

Having over forty years of experience, Don is a master artist who loves to share his artistic passion and teach his skills and craft to others. He works with local schools and colleges, such as Mira Costa College, teaching special art classes. Don Myers’ glass arts studio has been in the same location in Oceanside since 2000.

Being a professional artist is only one side of Don. He is a very active local businessperson and community volunteer. Don continually hosts and participates in local community projects and fundraising efforts throughout San Diego County. Additionally, he mentors and hosts weekly entertainment and adventures for a group of numerous challenged individuals affectionately known as the Adventure Pioneers.

“It’s easier to lie than tell the truth, so you don’t really hurt anybody’s feelings upfront. But then they start stacking up, and then you have to live your life a lie.” – Don Myers

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