Today we’re talking about how practicing stillness can help empower us to answer the call from our soul and unleash our highest potential in all areas of life.

It’s a noisy world we live in. Stillness, the one thing most high achievers avoid, is one of the most accessible and powerful avenues to fulfilling and redefining what success means to you. When you learn to befriend and anchor yourself in stillness, what once felt overwhelming or foggy can become clear, and your true capacity, needs, joys, and desires for your best life can be revealed and realized.

My guest today, Jeanine Thompson, a transformational coach, speaker, and author, joins us to talk about how practicing stillness, or “doing nothing,” can help us reach our highest potential. She explains what stillness is, how we can create it in our lives, and how it creates the space to connect with our inner genius.

Jeanine also discusses what it means to have a “911” from our soul, and explains that despite outward success, many of us are still filled with restlessness and a yearning for something more in our lives. She shows us this longing isn’t a drive toward more achievement, but rather a desire to return home to ourselves.

“Stillness is a shift in awareness from your head to your heart’s intelligence, and it is the most powerful gateway to the expanded potentiality of who you really are.” – Jeanine Thompson

About Jeanine:

Jeanine Thompson is a Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Author whose breadth of knowledge and experience spans multiple disciplines and professional expressions, from clinical psychotherapy to global business to advancing spiritual growth. At the core of her diverse career is a passionate dedication to helping individuals live their highest potential.  She shares her journey and how others can reach their full potential in her first book, 911 From Your Soul (World Changers Media, Sept. 6, 2022).

As a highly successful, former Fortune 50 executive, Jeanine led diverse human resource teams across the globe, delivered keynotes to large audiences, and helped navigate the way toward profitability while empowering personal and professional growth. An agent of change, she was a key leader in supporting complex global acquisitions and divestitures.

For nearly a decade, Jeanine led a thriving evidence-based psychotherapy practice treating a range of anxiety disorders. She was honored to guide her clients’ transformations and heightened levels of well-being, joy, and harmony. A Reiki Master and former Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), she has a deep reverence for the power of energy and the body’s innate wisdom.

She also holds a Master of Social Work (MSW) and numerous certifications, including Certified High Performance Coach (CHPC) and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTTP). Jeanine was personally mentored by renowned transformational expert Marci Shimoff, and trains yearly with the High Performance Institute, founded by Brendon Burchard. She is insatiably curious and loves to engage in immersive studies on vast perspectives to advance personal and business mastery.

Committed to service and sustainability, Jeanine has volunteered for decades with hospice clients and their families as they step through life’s journey and transitions. She cares deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature and is thrilled to partner with One Tree Planted. Learn more at

“I think when you’re in stillness, it gives you a chance to align with the best of who you are. There’s a centered pause, and in that centered pause, we get to choose differently. We get to choose higher-quality thoughts, and we get to be led by a higher intelligence. We get to choose our next right action.” – Jeanine Thompson

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