Don’t miss this episode of Change It Up Radio where I interview Ken Redcross, MD. We will be talking about the latest science showing that Vitamin D levels between 40 and 60 are critical in strengthening the immune system and protecting us from getting COVID-19.

Dr. Redcross gives us a website where we can order an in-home test to see what our Vitamin D levels are, so we can alter our intake to get to the proper levels. You don’t want to miss all the information he shares on containing the spread, whether or not to wear a mask, and how we are actually transmitting the virus.

Image of Dr. Ken Redcross - on Change It Up Radio with Paula ShawDr. Redcross is author of, “Bond: The 4 Cornerstones of a Lasting and Caring Relationship with Your Doctor,” (2018) and founder of Redcross Concierge in New York, a personalized medical practice designed to enhance the patient-doctor relationship while providing convenient access to a full spectrum of healthcare services and holistic and wellness counseling.

As one of the first full-service concierge, personalized medical practices in the United States, Redcross’ patient portfolio includes C-level business executives, athletes, and professionals in the entertainment industry, as well as individuals from all walks and stages of life including college students, young professionals, busy parents, and retirees. His focus on developing the patient-doctor bond is a unique characteristic of his concierge services that allows for a more strategic and customized approach to each patient’s healthcare plan.

With extensive on-camera experience with major national television shows including “The Doctors,” “The Insider,” and E! Entertainment Television, Redcross frequently shares his expertise in managing everyday health challenges to a broad audience. He has also authored numerous consumer-focused health articles for MSN Latino and Everyday Health.

Redcross earned his medical degree from the prestigious Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, specializing in internal medicine. During his training, he participated in fellowships in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, to fulfill his passion in serving the underserved while enhancing his medical fluency in Spanish.

After completing his residency, Redcross co-founded and served as president of Medi-Stop, an urgent care, walk-in clinic in California, treating minor medical ailments. He is based in New York but travels across the country as his concierge practice requires.

Dr. Redcross shares with us on this show his vast experience in treating patients of all ethnicities, ages, and medical conditions, especially in regard to staying healthy during this pandemic. This is a show that everyone needs to hear!


Bond: The 4 Cornerstones of a Lasting and Caring Relationship with Your Doctor by Dr. Ken Redcross - on Change It Up Radio with Paula Shaw


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