Today we’re talking about the health consequences that humans will be exposed to with deployment of the 5G (fifth generation) wireless network.


What exactly is 5G and how fast is it compared to 4G wireless cellular service? There’s a lot of buzz around this topic, but it seems as though we are neglecting a much more important question…

Is 5G even safe? The truth is, we may be risking our health for the sake of speed, which will also result in an unprecedented and irreversible environmental change on a global scale.

If current plans for 5G come to fruition, we will be exposed to levels of wireless radiation that are tens to hundreds of times greater than what exists today.

Leading scientist and internationally renowned scholar, Dr. Beverly Rubik, joins me today to discuss the detrimental health issues that humans are exposed to through wireless radiation.

She shares powerful insight into the truths behind 4G and 5G, how we can minimize our exposure to wireless radiation, and why it’s critical that we accurately assess the consequences that deploying 5G can have on humans and all of the Earth’s ecosystems.


We Discuss:

  • Affirmations vs. ‘afformations’ and the missing link in shifting positive thoughts into change
  • Where Carson is currently, how his trip is going so far, and what he’s seeing along the way
  • How others can step up and help the people of Yemen that are in need of humanitarian aid
  • What the 5G wireless network is and how it differs from the 4G that we’re currently using
  • Why it’s dangerous to be exposed to these higher frequencies of 5G that go beyond 4G
  • The effects of short-term and long-term exposure to wireless radiation on humans
  • Why children are especially vulnerable to the damaging effects of using wireless devices
  • How 5G will significantly increase exposure to RF radiation on top of the 2G, 3G, and 4G networks
  • What we can do to help minimize our exposure and cumulative damage from wireless radiation


We need to move slowly and have a dialogue about the health consequences and the environmental consequences before thousands of antennas and satellites are deployed worldwide. We need to take stock of this and think about 5G seriously before it’s deployed.”  –  Dr. Beverly Rubik


About Dr. Rubik:
Image of Dr. Beverly Rubik

Dr. Beverly Rubik has had a life-long interest in frontier areas of science and medicine beyond the mainstream, and she is internationally renowned for her pioneering work.

She earned her Ph.D. in biophysics at the University of California at Berkeley and has since published over 90 scientific papers and 2 books. 

From 1988-1995, Dr. Rubik was director of the Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University, where she explored the role of consciousness in the physical world and alternative and complementary medicine. 

From 1992-1997, she was one of 18 Congressionally-appointed members of the Program Advisory Board to the Office of Alternative Medicine at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) that was the precursor organization to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. 

Dr. Rubik is especially known for her research on the biofield and biofield therapies, and in 1992 she chaired a panel at NIH that introduced the term “biofield.” In 1994 “biofield” became a medical subject heading at the US National Library of Medicine. 

In 1996, Dr. Rubik founded the Institute for Frontier Science (IFS), a nonprofit research laboratory funded initially by Laurance S. Rockefeller, Sr., and later supported by NIH, which is presently in Emeryville, California near San Francisco. 

Dr. Rubik serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine; Integrative Medicine Insights; and the Journal of Vortex Science and Technology. She is an adjunct faculty member at California Institute for Human Science; Saybrook University; and Energy Medicine University.

Presently Dr. Rubik is conducting research together with Harry Jabs to develop novel physical sensors for qi; to explore the extremely low-level light of life (biophotons), and to investigate the health issues of humans exposed to wireless communication radiation. She is past president of the US Psychotronics Association.

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“There’s not going to be any square inch of earth that’s not connected to Wi-Fi. We don’t know the consequences and there’s no safety zone – no place to go – if you have a sensitivity. There are people with electrosensitivity that can’t stand 4G. They have headaches, sleeplessness, concentration difficulties, and brain fog. Many of us have these symptoms, but we don’t connect the dots.”  –  Dr. Beverly Rubik


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