We have all been through eight months of living an altered lifestyle due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools are still struggling to figure out how to teach online. Businesses have been closed or dramatically altered, in order to stay alive.

Medical appointments happen online or in very carefully monitored settings. Shopping is nothing like it once was. Masks are required almost everywhere we go, and no one is given service if the mask requirement isn’t honored.

Personal grooming took a real hit and for a long time, salons and barbershops were quiet ghostly reminders of what used to be. Travel may never be the same, and currently, many countries do not want Americans visiting because we still haven’t figured out how to stop the rising numbers of people testing positive to this virus.

Voting is a hotbed of dissension and disagreement. We are all worried about how the voting will take place, and for the first time in my lifetime, people are worried ahead of time that the election won’t be handled properly and honestly. What in our lives hasn’t been changed or affected by this pandemic?

Yet, the President of the United States has been quoted as saying, “Don’t be afraid of COVID. Don’t let it dominate your life.” This is one of the most dangerous statements he has ever uttered, on a list of too many such statements.

It is so irresponsible to represent this virus as something one shouldn’t worry about when over 210,000 have perished, and many more will die before the end of the year. People are so confused and there is so much misinformation being disseminated.

On this show, we get some straight answers from Science. I am talking to Bob Hertz, Director of Psy-Tek Laboratories in Encinitas California. In our discussion, we talk about what we really know about the virus, how it’s transmitted, what it means to be A-symptomatic, how we can best protect ourselves, and how we can get accurate testing.

This is information that everyone needs to have. Bob gives us the straight scoop that we really need right now!


Image of Bob Hertz of Psy-Tek Labs

Bob Hertz is the Managing Director of Psy-Tek Labs in Encinitas, CA.

He has 50+ years of entrepreneurial experience, specializing in technology with expertise in software development, communications, pediatric cardiology, robotics, AI, and man-machine interfaces.

Bob also has 25 years in complementary/energy-based medicine, subtle energy research he co-founded and built PSY-TEK Labs with life partner, Dr. Mary Clark, to unite their unique talents and aspirations.

Psy-Tek Labs is a research laboratory and testing center that features Pioneer devices that measure the biofield, the Subtle Energies that access various states of wellness.

Devices include Brain Mapping, Heart Rate Variability, Interstitial Fluid Analysis, and Medical Thermal Imaging.


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