Today we’re talking about having vibrant health, abundant energy, and true happiness that lasts us a lifetime.


Two things that virtually all human beings want in their lives are to feel healthy and to be happy. We all know that every day we are bombarded with the next best product, diet, or program that will help us look younger, feel better, get fit, and have amazing health. 

But, despite our temptations to click “add to cart” on the things that promise to make us look 10 years younger, lose 20 pounds, or feel like a teenager again, are any of them effective? With so much conflicting information out there today, is being healthy, vibrant, and happy actually possible?

Today’s guest, Dr. Shauna K. Young, is a Naturopathic Doctor and Ph.D. who is the owner and Medical Director of Assertive Wellness and has been a sought after national and international speaker on a large variety of health topics. She joins me today to discuss the core elements that are necessary to have a happy and healthy life.

Dr. Shauna shares insight on how to recognize the good products out there from the scams, why there’s no “one size fits all” diet or exercise program, and how to turn a dietary change into a lifestyle change that is actually sustainable.


We Discuss:

  • The core elements that are really necessary to live a happy, healthy, and vibrant life
  • How to recognize when products and programs are worthwhile and not just a scam
  • Why the idea of a “one size fits all” diet or exercise program is actually disadvantageous
  • The importance of what we do and don’t eat in order to keep our bodies in optimal health
  • Why exercise is only effective when paired alongside a healthy and balanced diet
  • How to turn a dietary change into an attainable and sustainable lifestyle change
  • How LifeWave’s phototherapy patches help increase energy, improve sleep, and more!


As we get older we want to feel great, and that’s entirely possible. But, we have to let go of the idea that we need to look the same as we did when we were 20 because it’s not really feasible.”  –  Dr. Shauna K. Young


About Dr. Young:
Image of Dr. Shauna K. Young of Assertive Wellness

Dr. Shauna K. Young is a Naturopathic Doctor and Ph.D. who is the owner and Medical Director of Assertive Wellness which first opened its doors in 2001. Originally started in Durango, CO, they have recently relocated to the Boise area of Idaho.

To date, her center has seen thousands of people who have had the confidence to travel from every U.S. State and even several foreign countries based exclusively on referrals from other practitioners and satisfied patients.

Dr. Young is also the owner of Durango Cryotherapy that offers the cutting-edge technology of Whole Body Cryotherapy. 

In 2005, after four years of clinical observations and experience, Shauna began specific research regarding her theorized negative effects of excess and stored manganese on the human neurological and sensory input systems and its possible symptomatic connections to Autism and other neurological, learning, and behavioral disorders in both children and adults.

The unique success of this clinical research, originally referred to as “The Popeye Protocol,” and currently as the “Spectrum Balance® Protocol”, led to her receiving Distinguished Awards of Excellence in both May of 2006 and May of 2007 from the internationally-recognized Global Foundation for Integrative Medicine. 

Shauna holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Sciences and was awarded a Ph.D. in Natural Sciences from the University of Natural Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In February of 2008, she was also knighted into the international Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller in recognition of the unique impact of her work with Autism and for positively advancing the field of natural medicine in general. 

Dr. Young’s very well-reviewed first book, “If Naturopaths are Quacks… Then I Guess I’m a Duck: Confessions of a Naturopath,” was published in April of 2012. Her second book that details the over a decade of success of her dietary protocol, “Erasing Autism: The Spectrum® Balance Protocol,” was released in 2015.

Over the last 18 years, she has appeared on numerous radio and television shows, and is currently an internationally recognized speaker and educator in natural health, Paleo, and Autism communities, and is very busy seeing clients, freezing people in the cryotherapy sauna’s, and working on her third book.


Erasing Autism:: The Spectrum Balance Protocol - book by Dr. Shauna K. Young              If Naturopaths are "Quacks"... Then I Guess I'm a Duck: Confessions of a Naturopath - book by Dr. Shauna K. Young












“You have to turn your dietary changes or your exercise changes into a lifestyle and not a diet or a program because until you make it livable and turn it into a lifestyle, you will never create a lasting change.”  –  Dr. Shauna K. Young



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