Today we’re talking about kissing cold sores and other viral infections goodbye with The Herpes Challenge.


Scalar energy researcher, Tom Paladino, joins me today to issue The Herpes Challenge to anyone who has been plagued with cold sores and other viral infections and is ready to kick them to the curb in a quick and painless fashion.

Tom shares his limited time offer of free scalar sessions along with a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test to confirm the elimination of the herpes virus at no cost to the first three people that claim their spot in this confidential challenge. You truly have nothing to lose but your herpes virus and all of the misery that comes along with it!


We Discuss:

  • Saying the Right Thing When You Don’t Know What to Say – Having difficult conversations
  • How Scalar Light is eliminating viruses like Herpes, HIV, and Ebola from the human body
  • What the results of a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test are used to determine
  • Taking advantage of The Herpes Challenge and getting rid of our viruses for good


We’re able to send a signal into the human body that carries instructions to break down the scaffolding or DNA of a virus. We can disassemble a virus, and once you disassemble a virus, it’s no longer alive – it’s no longer viable. This is how we’re overcoming diseases such as Herpes, Hepatitis, and HIV.”  –  Tom Paladino


About Tom:
Image of Tom Paladino - Scalar Light

Tom Paladino is a Scalar Energy researcher based in Florida.

He has created a cutting-edge healing technology using Scalar energy, which is the fundamental, instructive life force energy that originates from the sun and the stars.

Tom’s remote sessions are fast, harmless, and painless.

His website has countless testimonials of people who have suffered from Herpes, Hepatitis, Lyme disease, and over 400,000 other pathogens that cause disease, and have seen an elimination of the DNA of specific pathogens when tested with a PCR test.


We’re working with energy. Energy is fundamental – energy does what you tell it to do. We have developed a process which we can break apart in a painless fashion the herpes virus and so many other viruses from the human body.”  –  Tom Paladino


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