Today we’re talking about saying the right thing when you don’t know what to say and how we each have a personality style that affects how we communicate with others.


Saying the Right Thing When You Don’t Know What to Say is not only the title of my latest book, but Dr. JJ Sawyer and I have also developed a presentation that we’re doing in corporate trainings to help people with improving their communication skills as well.

In our presentations, Dr. Sawyer and I talk about both the helpful and unhelpful things to say to others to make them feel more supported and heard, and she brings in a new perspective to understanding how we communicate based on our personality styles.

Education professional, author, and lifelong learner, Dr. JJ Sawyer, joins me today to talk about how to get our communication to a place where it’s effective every time – even in those particularly difficult scenarios. She provides insight into how we can develop more self-awareness, which in turn also helps us to better understand the people we communicate with.


We Discuss:

  • Saying The Right Thing When You Don’t Know What To Say – Navigating difficult conversations
  • The 5 most essential steps for confident and effective communication with others
  • Why communication often gets tricky when we’re not talking about something “light and fluffy”
  • The major impact that our family experiences have on our personal communication skills
  • How to best understand the individuals we interact with and maintain effective communication
  • Getting our communication to a place where it works every time – even in difficult situations
  • The importance of having self-awareness in order to understand people we communicate with
  • What DISC stands for and how it’s used to describe different personalities
  • Understanding our behavioral styles to become a better communicator and minimize conflicts
  • The four basic primary types of communicators – Eagles, Parrots, Doves, or Owls


“You can’t change your behavior unless you can apply what you’ve learned.”  –  Dr. JJ Sawyer


About Dr. Sawyer:
Dr. JJ Sawyer Headshot

Dr. Janet J. Sawyer is an experienced Educator, Leadership Expert Coach, and Professional Presenter. 

She is committed to changing the way people think about themselves and others by introducing innovative, effective, and life-changing education and leadership tools. 

Dr. Sawyer has served as a Leadership Consultant for a nationally recognized education research company, an Adjunct Professor of leadership for two universities, a Middle School Principal in which she was awarded Principal of Year for the state of Colorado, and an elementary and middle school teacher – her first passion.

She brings 45 years of education and leadership experience to the forefront to help individuals, teams, and leaders transform their personal and professional life in ways that will put them on a pathway for success. 

Dr. Sawyer’s work takes you on an introspective journey while teaching you the knowledge, practices, and skills to be mindful and intentional as a leader. 

She utilizes personal growth-oriented tools as she consults and coaches students, teachers, teacher leaders, administrators, and parent groups.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders committed to bringing personal-growth training and enhancing the professional practice of their employees will begin to experience higher levels of engagement and productivity.

Dr. Sawyer is also the author of the newly released book, Mirroring Your Vision: Become Self-Aware, Intentional, and Mindful When Leading Your LIFE.


“When you become self-aware you then become intentional and you can change and shift and be more mindful on how you’re leading yourself.”  –  Dr. JJ Sawyer


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