Today we discuss why peace is possible and how we can come together to make it happen.


Is peace possible? Are we able to cultivate a peaceful existence in a volatile and fragile world, even when it seems like things are falling apart? How can we possibly heal and grow enough to respect each other’s differences, replace anger with patience and compassion, and meet hatred and judgment with kindness and empathy?

The truth is, we all have the choice to live in peace–with ourselves, our family and friends, colleagues, neighbors, and even with complete strangers. If we want to create a peaceful world, we must first choose peace for ourselves, and doing so will spread and inspire others around us to do the same.

We can all pull some inspiration from a particular place that exudes positive energy and seems to have it all figured out—Hawaii. In a rapidly changing world full of discordance and disconnection, Hawaiian culture may have the much-needed answers to living in peace and harmony.

People from Hawaii are considered some of the friendliest in America, and for a good reason—the culture is based on love and acceptance. Hawaii residents greet each other and say goodbye with the word “Aloha,” which has a deep meaning that’s connected to joy, love, peace, and positive energy.

It refers to the act of living in the moment and showing respect for one’s self and others. Hawaii is famous for its relaxed attitude and a strong sense of compassion, collaboration, and community, with a central focus on living in harmony amongst our fellow man and the earth.

Today, I’m joined by Nicki Keohohou, CEO of the Direct Selling World Alliance and Co-Founder of the Coach Excellence School, to discuss what is truly necessary to create world peace, fairness, and justice for all. Nicki lives in Hawaii, which in many ways, is a template for peace. Don’t miss all that she has to share about the components of peace!


About Nicki:
Image of Nicki Keohohou, CEO of the Direct Selling World Alliance and Co-Founder of the Coach Excellence School - on Change It Up Radio with Paula Shaw

Nicki Keohohou began her career as a distributor in the direct selling profession more than 35 years ago after leaving her teaching position.

She built successful personal organizations, has spoken to direct sellers at conventions around the world, consulted to hundreds of companies, and held executive positions in direct selling companies.

Nicki co-authored the best-selling books, Build it Big and More Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets from the Top Direct Selling Experts, and has contributed to many other books.

In addition to her BA in education and business, Nicki is a graduate of the University of Illinois Chicago Network Marketing Certification Program. She is a Certified Business Coach (CBC) with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches and is a faculty member of the DSWA Coach Excellence® School.

Nicki was recently named one of the Top 25 Business Women in her home state of Hawaii as well as one of the Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs in America. She was selected as an international “Hero for Humanity” and named number 2 in the International Power 30 honoring the 30 Most Influential Women in the direct selling profession. The award that brings her the most joy is the DSWA being recognized as the National Advocate of the Year for Working Mothers.

Nicki is the CEO of the Direct Selling World Alliance and her life work is to educate and empower home-based entrepreneurs from around the globe and inform the public about this amazing profession.


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