Imagine a World where governments respect the human rights of all their citizens, where all people have food, shelter, and access to medical care, and children are born into and raised by healthy families and communities, where literacy and education for all are accomplished facts. These are just a few of the dreams/realities that my guest, Marilyn King, and I will be talking about today.

Marilyn King is a two-time Olympian Pentathlete who miraculously placed second in her third Olympic trials after months of NO physical training due to an injury from a car accident. All she could do for all of those months was visualize herself training and study films of others doing her events. This incredible feat set the stage for her work today, educating and consulting on using the power of imagery and Olympian Thinking to create Extraordinary Results.

Olympic Thinking Combines Passion, Vision, and Appropriate Action to Create Success… Extraordinary Success!

Today, Marilyn along with others around the world are using Passion, Vision, and Action to create Global Peace. When you hear her speak you can’t help but get caught up in the vision and believe in the potential of world peace yourself.

There is so much in today’s news that is distressing… give yourself the treat of listening to the uplifting voice of Marilyn King creating the vision of what is already beginning… a global Olympic Village where all people live peacefully with Respect and Curiosity.

Don’t miss this show, and give yourself the powerful experience of trying the exercise Visions of a Better World that’s included below and is also on Marilyn’s website:

10 Day Thought Experiment:

I invite you to invest 3 minutes a day over the course of 10 days to do the following using the Pathways To Peace Card found below:

Day 1 – Read each of the 8 peace elements on the card beginning with “Imagine a world where…” — Repeat the quoted introduction before each of the 8 peace elements.

Day 2 – Begin each peace element with, “I wish I could live in a world where…”

Day 3 – Begin each peace element with, “I want to live in a world where…”

Day 4 – Begin each peace element with, “I intend to live in a world where…”

Day 5 – Choose one of the 8 elements that you feel strongly about and ask, “What can I do today to help create a world where…”

Stay with the element that you choose for the next 5 days, repeating the question, “What can I do today to help create a world where…”


Pathways To Peace Vision Card - Marilyn King, Way Beyond Sports - WayBeyondSports.comPathways To Peace Vision Card - Marilyn King, Way Beyond Sports -


About Marilyn:
Image of Marilyn King - Way Beyond Sports - on Change It Up Radio with Paula Shaw

Marilyn King is a two-time Olympian (1972/1976) in the grueling five-event Pentathlon. (100-meter hurdles, shot put, high jump, long jump, 800 meters) Her 20-year athletic career includes five national titles and a World Record.

An automobile accident rendered her unable to train physically for her third Olympic Team. She placed second at the Olympic trials for the 1980 Moscow Games using only mental training techniques.

This extraordinary experience and resulting research led to a 35-year career as an expert in the field of exceptional human performance. Her work focuses on systemic change in the areas of business, education, and peace.

Marilyn’s participation in an international, five-year business think tank led to a career conducting programs for senior executives with global responsibilities at Fortune 500 companies. Her corporate clients include AT&T, Ford Motor Company, Hewlett Packard, Haas School of Business, IBM, Ikea, Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle, Starbucks, Wells Fargo, and YPO.

Marilyn has also presented at over 200 national and international education conferences with academicians and researchers who are designing the schools of the future. She is the co-creator of Dare to Imagine, an inner-city Oakland program.

Her teacher training clients include YMCAs, park and rec leadership programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Investing in Oakland a joint project with Mills College and the Mayor of Oakland.

Marilyn’s most pioneering work, a joint Russian-American venture called “The Peace Team,” resulted in two opportunities to speak at the United Nations and an invitation to create a U.N. sub-committee on the role of sport in peacebuilding.


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