Today we’re talking about a potential nuclear threat at the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant in San Diego County.


Today I’m focusing on something very important that’s going on right here in my own community… a potential nuclear threat. There are things going on here at San Onofre that we need to be both aware and concerned about. So, what needs to happen to help put our safety first and avoid potential disaster?

Torgen Johnson is a brilliant man who is leading the charge to inform people about what is actually going on at San Onofre. He joins me today to discuss the severity of the threat to the public and surrounding communities, the lack of proper regulations, and what actions we can take to reduce these risks.


** Click here to sign the petition to recall and replace San Onofre’s defective, thin-walled nuclear waste canisters **


We Discuss:

  • What’s actually going on at the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant in San Diego County
  • How safety has been sacrificed by storing high-level radioactive waste in inferior canisters
  • Why these canisters are so vulnerable to short-term cracking and environmental exposure
  • Acknowledging the dangerous lack of proper regulations and what’s happening on site
  • What can be done to raise awareness and take action before a nuclear crisis occurs


If we want to get this waste out of Southern California, what we need to do is put it in the right container from the start, and we’re not doing that at San Onofre. Our federal regulators are not regulating safety on this issue, so it’s being left up to a company that’s cutting corners on safety.”  –  Torgen Johnson


About Torgen:
Torgen Johnson Headshot

Torgen Johnson holds a professional degree in Architecture from the University of Southern California, and two Masters degrees in Urban Design and large Landscape Planning from Harvard University. 

He is the founder of Johnson Design in Solana Beach and formerly Paradigm Design in the U.S. Virgin Islands, both of which are multi-disciplinary design firms with services in urban design, urban planning, community-based planning, landscape design, and architecture.

The main goal of the firms is to produce high quality, environmentally responsible design and planning solutions.  More recently Mr. Johnson has become involved in energy issues related to nuclear power in California, with outreach to Japan and the Northeastern U.S. 

He works closely with the Del Mar based Samuel Lawrence Foundation, and resides in Solana Beach with his wife and their four children.


“We need to demand what’s reasonable for the community around the power plant, and what is consistent with our community’s values. I know that the communities I’ve spoken to don’t endorse burdening our children with an unsolvable problem, damaging our economy, or damaging the environment. These are not consistent values with the surrounding communities.”  –  Torgen Johnson


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