Today we discuss navigating how to find our way in today’s world, amid the pressures of everyday life.


Today I’m joined by Mandi Freger, an expert in counseling Teens, Millennials, and those on the Autism Spectrum, through the change and upheaval of COVID-19, racial protests, and the everyday pressures of life as we know it.


About Mandi:
Image of Mandi Freger - on Change it Up Radio with Paula Shaw

Mandi Freger is not your typical counselor. Being in a rare position of gaining experience early on with the first generation of Energy Psychology leaders in the field, she has over 20 years of experience making her a master in the art of using energy therapeutic techniques with her clients.

Mandi also had the opportunity to assist in teaching these techniques to much more seasoned clinicians who were joining in the ranks of the expansion of the field of Energy Psychology before the turn of the century.

Her counseling approach is truly individualized, typically blending energy therapeutic techniques and principals of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to treat a rainbow of issues including but not limited to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) through the lifespan, peak performance, general fatigue, anxiety, depression, trauma, cognitive disorders, and managing pain.

Additionally, Mandi has a broad history of assessment training for identifying ASD and neuropsychological issues. One of her specialties in counseling is helping young adults who are navigating how to find their way in today’s world.


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