Today we’re talking about finding and funding real help and hope for those whose lives are limited by autism.


Today I’m joined by Paulette Britton, a mother of a son with Autism, who is leading the charge to raise money for research, educate the public, and provide resources for parents of children with Autism. She is informed, courageous, and determined. You won’t want to miss this very compelling show!


About Paulette:
Image of Paulette Britton - Change it Up Radio with Paula Shaw

Paulette Britton is originally from Texas and is now living in San Diego county. She works in the non-profit world assisting non-profits in using a “round up your change for giving” app while helping them execute a marketing strategy.

Paulette is also the director of the non-profit project ALF – Autism Legacy Fund. ALF is a project of the San Diego based autism non-profit BIANCA: Be Involved Act Now Champion Autism.

She is married to a wonderful man, J Brad Britton, and is a uniquely qualified mother of two kids: Madison who just graduated from Biola University, and their son Sam, who was diagnosed with autism as a toddler.


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