Join Paula as she tells a tale from her own life, recanting the ups and downs of what she now refers to as “Lessons From the Rat Seminar.”

Paula expounds on her own experience of living in a home that suddenly became rat-infested, creating nightly fears and trauma that eventually forced her into a move that she did not want and had not planned on. She relates her story to every experience of unwanted or unexpected change that usually begins with shock and upheaval, creates emotional havoc, yet often leads us to much-needed change that up levels our life experience.

Through her narrative, Paula takes us through the dimensions that are synonymous with the Dimensions of Grief. She begins with:


Shock and Upheaval

After seeing rat droppings in her living room at the base of her favorite chair, Paula experienced a myriad of emotions. This emotional upheaval culminated into a paralysis that finally gave way to getting clarity and then moving into…



Paula knew that it was time to reach out for some help. After sharing a vulnerable post on Facebook expressing all that she was going through, she was truly taken back by the amount of support that she received.

Her community responded with links to properties that she could move to, offers of shelter and assistance with packing and moving, and a great deal of emotional support. Reaching out in new ways that were uncomfortable and unfamiliar led to her being saved from the hell of living with rats.


Honest Expression

Through the honest expression of her pain, stress, and fear to friends, family, and professionals, Paula was able to shift her perspective and remain strong and stable.


Call in Divine Order

While she was fortunate enough to receive plenty of kind words of support, Paula was also met with plenty of discouragement as well. Many people said that there was nothing else available in terms of a new place to live and that she should accept that she needed to stay in her current home.

Paula called in Divine Order, knowing that the perfect place was already selected for her and awaiting her arrival. All she had to do was align with knowing and believing this to be true.


Align with Divine Order

Miracles do happen if you are open to receiving them. Understand that you create your reality and that the experiences of others do not have anything to do with you or your life experience. Paula needed to remind herself that other people’s opinions and past or present obstacles did not determine her own future. She recounts how she did just that, what this led to, and the lessons that she learned along the way.


Paula ends with the 4 Elements that are critical to being complete with difficult life experiences:

  1. Forgiveness
  2. Acceptance
  3. Gratitude
  4. Peace

Even during one of the most challenging experiences of her life, Paula held onto the belief that difficult things have always happened to her in the best possible way. It’s kind of like that great line, “Nothing is happening to you, everything is happening for you.”

Please join Paula for this traumatic but miraculous adventure that she now jokingly refers to as “The Rat Seminar.” You’ll be glad you did!


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