Valentine’s Day is a day that is charged with potential for romance or disaster. Men mostly hate it because they can never seem to get it right. I know in my own life, the best V-Day I ever had was the one in which I told my husband exactly what I wanted, where I wanted to dine, and what I wanted to feel. The truth is that men usually want to make their Valentines happy, but they are often at a loss as to the magic formula to make that happen.

Most of us think of V-Day as a day that celebrates couples in love and if we don’t have a Sweetie, we feel left out and sad about a day that is celebrating something we don’t have. Join Paula and guest Joy White Peacock as they discuss loving one’s self and being your own Valentine.

Most people are far better at criticizing themselves than they are at loving themselves. Joy and Paula talk about some mindsets and actions that one can take to become more self-loving. Joy died 6 times and each time came back with physical challenges that she had loved herself enough to overcome. She has gained some very valuable insights and some true wisdom along the way.

Don’t miss this show, especially if you are alone this Valentine’s Day. Hear the tips that these ladies give you that will help you not only have a memorable V-Day but that will help you improve every day of the rest of your life!


About Joy:
Image of Joy White Peacock - Experience Joy - on Change It Up Radio with Paula Shaw

The first time Joy White Peacock died, she was 15 years old. She flew off a cliff on a motorbike and was declared dead on the operating table for two and a half minutes.

Back in ICU, Joy was told she’d never walk again, and the doctor wanted to amputate her leg. She told him “I’ll not only walk, I’ll dance on your grave!” Within seven years, Joy was a medal-winning ballroom dancer.

Joy became a highly successful, top-level business executive in New Zealand. She had a couple of great years and convinced her husband to expand into Australia. 

A couple of months later, at 24 years old, Joy was hit by a drunk driver. The spinal injuries suffered in the motorbike accident were reactivated. She couldn’t speak without stuttering, walk or stand for more than a few minutes, and had lost 70% of the strength in the left side of her body.

Most challenging of all, when Joy became stressed, the soft tissue would swell at the back of her neck, preventing blood from going to her forebrain. She would have about 3 minutes before she blacked out. 

Oxygen deprivation from each blackout caused an oxidative stress wall in Joy’s forebrain. After a couple of years of intermittent oxygen deprivation, her frontal lobes scanned like that of an autistic child. She had increasingly limited access to thinking forward or remembering back. 

For the next 18 months, Joy walked with death as a constant companion. ‘He’ taught her how to live, and guided her in how she wanted to show up in the world.

The western medical profession gave up on her, and Joy began studying alternative healing methods. Today, she is certified in more than a dozen different holistic health modalities.

As she journeyed through each modality, Joy uncovered amazing skills and tools that enabled her to take back control of her life. With each new modality, she grew stronger.

Joy learned how to reprogram the neurological pathways of her brain by thinking new thoughts.  In doing so, she was able to bypass the brain injuries and access different parts of her brain, generating uncommon new perspectives and abilities.

Joy learned things like how to keep a clear head no matter what’s going on, how to dissolve emotional trauma easily and painlessly, how to understand her body and the messages it sends, and that treating her brain like a bio-organic supercomputer got a lot more mileage out of it.


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