Join Paula as she addresses the fact that we are a world of holiday grievers this year. We have all suffered the loss of the ability to celebrate the holidays in our usual traditional ways. The COVID-19 Pandemic has made holiday grievers of us all.

This year there will be no holiday parties, holiday shows, caroling, large family gatherings, or large holiday dinners. The hustle and bustle of shopping is gone as well because we have a “Stay at Home” order and can’t go to the malls to garner those special holiday gifts. Loss is everywhere.

Paula discusses how any loss, no matter what the source, usually begins with shock and upheaval producing a very emotional response. This often leads to fear, confusion, anger, lack of focus, sadness, and even depression. She also reminds us that all of this emotionality is exhausting and overwhelming.


Paula goes on to expand on 5 things you can do to take good care of yourself during this holiday season:


  1. Be authentic. Tell the truth about your feelings and disappointments.
  2. Set boundaries about what you will or won’t do and what you will or won’t allow others to do in your presence.
  3. Use tools, practices, and rituals to actively shift your energy and increase it. “Don’t sit there and stay stuck!” She urges her listeners.
  4. Establish new holiday traditions. Don’t be afraid to Change It Up! We are living in a unique time that requires unique actions and behaviors.
  5. Create a personal holiday survival strategy. This year is unlike any other year, therefore we have total license to do things differently. Paula looks at many aspects of holiday celebrating and suggests alternate possibilities for what can be done.

She encourages everyone to be creative, break out of the mold, and make the holidays a loving, joyful, celebratory time for you and your loved ones. We are always at choice, so choose to make your holidays warm and wonderful.


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