Today we’re talking about turning our society’s cycle of violence into one of transformation and healing.


Incarceration has had a severe, negative impact on both those who have served time in prison and society as a whole. While a prison sentence is supposed to be rehabilitating, many prisoners fall into a tragic cycle of crime that essentially puts them on a path of repeated incarceration.

Roughly 600,000 prisoners are released each year, but unfortunately, they rarely come out healthier than when they were initially incarcerated. With both their mental and physical health neglected, inmates have a high risk of leaving prison more debilitated than when they went in.

Today’s guest, Mariette Fourmeaux, Founder of nonprofit Brilliance Inside, shares that the healing cycle starts with transforming prison from being strictly a container of violence to a creator of peace. She explains that in order to create a safer, more peaceful world for everyone, we need to first connect people to their brilliance and help them unleash the positive expression of this brilliance.

Mariette shares powerful insight on the impact of building a positive culture and shifting prisons into transformative places of healing and peace in order to inspire and motivate inmates to take ownership of their actions, their transformation, and their future.

“Our society is currently stuck in a cycle of violence that perpetuates itself. Ironically, it is those who perpetrated the cycle of violence who are in the best position to heal it.” – Mariette Fourmeaux


We Discuss:

  • Creating a safer, more peaceful world by healing society’s cycle of violence and incarceration
  • The impact of our society’s current cycle of violence on our communities and our economy
  • Encouraging healing by transforming prison from a container of violence to a creator of peace
  • Connecting to inner brilliance and helping others unleash a positive expression of this brilliance
  • Why a person connecting to their inner brilliance creates a ripple effect of healing around them
  • Creating a safe rehabilitative space for inmates to heal pain that led to their criminal activity
  • Helping prison residents successfully reintegrate into society with the right tools and resources


95% of the people that are incarcerated are going to come out one day. What kind of person do you want coming out? Do you want one that’s learned the rules of criminality, that’s bitter and angry and comes out with a ton of resentment? Or, do you want someone that’s taken a very difficult and vulnerable journey to understand the causative factors of their actions and worked to heal the wounds that put them on a journey of violence, darkness, and destruction so that they can become people that are the neighbors we want to have next to us?”  –  Mariette Fourmeaux


About Mariette:
Headshot of Mariette Fourmeaux of Brilliance Inside

After discovering the mechanisms of turning our society’s cycle of violence into one of transformation and healing, Mariette Fourmeaux founded nonprofit Brilliance Inside in October 2017.

The healing of this cycle starts with transforming prison from a container of violence to a creator of peace.

At San Diego’s Donovan state prison, Brilliance Inside achieves this by first creating a safe space for participants to uncover their inner brilliance, and then empowering them to transform others by sharing their stories and experiences.

This unlikely journey for an Ivy League and Berkeley MBA graduate started with organizing a wildly successful TEDxDonovanCorrectional, transforming “societal throwaways” into a high-performance team.

Mariette also leverages her 20+ years in business, having developed innovative technologies to solve cancer, access to electricity, and education challenges.

Mariette is a true global citizen:  born in France, she’s lived on four continents and has explored some of the most remote corners of our world. From Morocco to Mongolia, from India to Ethiopia, she has seen that what separates us from others is not as vast as the common human dignity that we all share.

Mariette has transferred her passion for building resilient, high-performing teams and authentic human-centered leadership – honed through two decades in corporate and start-ups – into the unlikely environment that is prison.


If you do the work to heal those wounds and to allow your brilliance to show up, it will show up. It will start oozing out of you without you even trying. That’s how I see us healing and changing the world.”  –  Mariette Fourmeaux


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