Join Paula as she interviews her daughter, Erin Shaw, author of Have Baggage Will Travel. Erin’s fictional novel is delightfully engaging with great characters and a storyline that winds its way through the South with all the color, flavors, and fragrances that part of the country is so well known for.

The story follows a young woman, Kate Larabee, a leading travel expert on assignment, as she travels through the South, needing new sights and experiences to soothe the hurts and wounds of a recent break-up that replaced the proposal she was expecting. The story is loosely based on Erin’s own experiences traveling through the South after a romantic break-up.

She says that it is really a story of self-discovery and of learning to step into one’s personal power, which too often, only happens when life throws us an unexpected curve-ball and we have no other choice. Many of us have been dragged kicking and screaming into what ended up being a definite up-leveling of our lives.

Erin recently completed a screenplay of her first novel, Party Girl, A Modern Fairy Tale, and is currently shopping it around to movie production companies. She and her writing partner, Kaitlyn McQuin, will begin working on the screenplay of Have Baggage Will Travel very soon.

Erin is also a professional singer and performs with That Vibe. Don’t miss this show as Paula and Erin have a laugh-filled, lively chat about life, love, and what to do when you don’t know what to do.


About Erin:
Image of Erin Shaw, author of Party Girl - A Modern Fairy Tale and Have Baggage, Will Travel - on Change It Up Radio with Paula Shaw

Erin Shaw is the author of the critically acclaimed novel, Party Girl – A Modern Fairy Tale, (2014) which was loosely based on her experience moving to New York City during the height of the 2008 recession and performing as a birthday party princess to stay afloat.

In addition to fiction writing and screenwriting, Ms. Shaw has worked in media and publishing as a food, travel, lifestyle, and small business writer for more than a decade.

She has written for several national publications including LA Confidential Magazine, Daily Candy, FATHOM, Hello Giggles!, Biz New Orleans, and Quarterly Magazine

Erin is currently based in Los Angeles and has completed a feature-length screen adaptation of Party Girl with her gal pal and writing partner, Kaitlyn McQuin.

Her second novel, Have Baggage, Will Travel is now available on Amazon!


Have Baggage, Will Travel: a novel by Erin Shaw


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