Join Paula as she interviews creative Entrepreneur, Brett Hummel, the founder of ProMazo and The 100k Mentor Challenge. She will also be talking to Elizabeth Erwin, a student in this much-needed program that serves college students all over the country.

In the wake of the coronavirus, on-campus events were canceled and many internships and job offers were rescinded. These cuts hit students from underrepresented backgrounds especially hard because they rely on these opportunities to build their networks and secure their first jobs since they often do not have personal or family connections to fall back on.

If people do not step up to help, millions of college students will experience unemployment or underemployment and they will struggle to reach their potential for years to come. We risk a lost generation just when the efforts in higher education to establish a more diverse student body have started to bear fruit.

Erwin and her team are committed to making sure students don’t face this threat alone. Students said they need mentors for career advice, guidance, and support to help navigate the loss of on-campus resources, networks, and job opportunities.

At the same time, they realized companies, like yours, have people who want to make a positive social impact and who have the professional insights students need. So, together in partnership with college students from over a dozen universities, Brett launched the 100k Mentor Challenge movement to connect college students from underrepresented backgrounds with mentors.

The goal of the 100K Mentors Challenge is to connect 100,000 students from underrepresented backgrounds with 100,000 mentors in the businesses that the students aspire to, by the end of the 2021 academic year to help them overcome the loss of on-campus recruiting, professional networks, and internships/full-time jobs.

Join the movement. Be a force for positive social change. Create new pipelines of opportunity. Be the company that translates words into action by signing the Pledge and committing to supporting underrepresented college students.

We urge companies to join the movement to help make sure students are not left behind!


About Brett:

Image of Brett Hummel, founder of ProMazo and The 100k Mentor Challenge - on Change It Up Radio with Paula ShawBrett Hummel graduated from the University of Notre Dame with dual degrees in Economics and Finance.

ProMazo started as a student club because he noticed that many college students did not have a clear idea of their career choices. He recognized that the best way for students to gain experience and career knowledge was to participate in work experiences prior to graduation.

At the same time, he saw that because of the pace of change in business, companies could no longer grow all of the talent and skills they needed so it was more desirable for them to have a more flexible workforce that they could spin up and down on demand.

Brett realized that with work moving more and more to a virtual scenario, (he had no idea how virtual it would become due to the virus!), there was an opportunity to connect the top 5% of people attending university, who had the latest skills and training, with companies who needed those skills, enabling corporate teams to work side by side on a remote basis. And with that, ProMazo was born.

Brett is a New York transplant who grew up in San Diego and quickly converted to the West Coast. After many winters at school in the Midwest, it became one of his personal goals when he started his entrepreneurial path to move back West, but unfortunately, this one has not yet come to fruition because the business brought him to the East Coast.


About Elizabeth:

Image of Elizabeth Erwin, senior at Murray State University and part of The 100K Mentors Challenge - on Change It Up Radio with Paula ShawElizabeth Erwin is a senior at Murray State University studying public relations and international studies.

A proud Kentuckian, Elizabeth loves telling the stories of people that are often overlooked.

In her time at Murray State, she has learned the value of mentorship. Through The 100K Mentors Challenge, Elizabeth hopes to spread her passion for creating meaningful, professional relationships to students from across the country.

While Elizabeth is already quite busy on campus with her work on The Murray State News and as the chapter president for Murray State PRSSA, she works tirelessly on the 100K Mentor Challenge because she believes that it is critically needed.


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