Have you ever found yourself baffled by your behaviors? Have you ever opened your mouth and found yourself saying the very thing your mother always said that you hated hearing her say? Why do we do things we don’t really want to be doing? Why is it so hard to change certain things about who we are and what we do?

In this week’s episode, Paula talks with Dr. Kulvinder Kaur, Genetic Researcher, about the genetic component of our behaviors and responses to life.

Dr. Kaur was instrumental in teaching Paula about the Epigenetics that influence and shape the ways that we respond to life. This understanding led Paula to creating Genetic Soul Release, an energy psychology-based technique that helps one eradicate those troubling behaviors.

Paula explains how our thoughts, behaviors, and emotional patterns most often have their origin in one or all of the following:

  1. Traumas and experiences from earlier life
  2. Limiting subconscious beliefs
  3. The Genetic Signatures of how our ancestors responded to life, which we inherit!

Dr. Kaur explains the science behind this and helps us understand how it evolves and how we can change it.

Genetic Soul Release, a NEW process that Paula has developed for the purpose of changing those problematic responses, integrates this genetic information into the technique so that “every corner is scoured.” So far, it is having dramatic results and Paula is very excited about finding this key component, that may have been the missing piece in the work, limiting results until now.

Image of Dr. Kulvinder Kaur - on Change It Up Radio with Paula ShawDr. Kaur was a scientist at the University of Oxford for fourteen years before being invited to work in the U.S. Biotechnology industry as an ‘Alien of Extraordinary Ability’. Her early research pioneered the use of disruptive technologies to enhance the healthcare industry through genetic diagnostics.

Since her move to California, Kulvinder has applied her love of genetics to understanding the scientific basis of integrative medicine. Her passion is to provide empirical evidence for the alterations to our cells which occur when our innate healing capacity is activated. 

Kulvinder is a graduate of the Soul of Yoga’s 200 hour Hatha and Kundalini Teacher Trainings. She combines her love of the yogic Ancient Wisdom traditions with her deep academic training at Oxford to offer unique classes at the interface of science and Spirituality.

Her TEDx talk at Winnipeg Exchange District outlined her vision for a society built on greater compassion through an understanding of our genetically encoded subconscious responses to different environmental stimuli.

In 2017, Kulvinder founded Kreomics, a consultancy firm which specializes in empowering the wellness industry with scientific support for their offerings. Today, she is the new chief scientific officer for EpigenticsRX.

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