Today we’re talking about the mind-killing potential of fear and how we can overcome it so that it no longer runs our life.


Any individual that’s experienced fear knows how it can destroy our focus and our ability to think rationally. It has a way of latching onto our minds and our emotions, consuming all of our thoughts, steering us into a particular direction, and even stopping us dead in our tracks at times.

The truth is, fear is not just something that happens in our minds. It can become very physical and very debilitating, and the more we focus on it and feed energy to it, the more it can grow. The last few weeks of my life have created some situations in which I have really known fear firsthand and have experienced its “mind-killing” potential.

From a sudden rat infestation that forced me out of my home to my father having a stroke, my life was in total upheaval and my fear only continued to grow. Thankfully, a dear friend of mine helped me process and move through some of my fearful thoughts in order to shift the situation into a much more positive place. If you are currently experiencing fear in any area of your life, you first need to let go of any shame around it.

If you’re feeling stuck or if you’re hearing too many negative opinions from those around you, stop listening to those things and remember that your reality has nothing to do with what’s happened to other people. You can create it to be the way you want it to be. When we face fear, take action, and move toward it and through it, we can get to the other side of it and take our power back.

Today I’m joined by Jennavieve “JJ” Joshua, an intuitive life coach who combines her real-world experience and rare visioning ability to provide clients with extraordinary insight and practical wisdom. She joins me to share how we can unlock our hidden potential, move from self-sabotage and self-doubt to empowerment, and create greater happiness and a more meaningful and inspired life.


We Discuss:

  • What helps individuals cope and process their emotions when they’re feeling fearful
  • The two kinds of fear and how we can use a 7-second attitude adjuster to shift our energy
  • The “mind-killing” potential of fear and how we can overcome it and move forward
  • How we can reveal the beliefs that may be sabotaging our success and well-being
  • Transforming daily habits, connecting to our higher selves, and evolving our spiritual life
  • How a smile, power pose, or other pattern interrupts can trigger our happy hormones
  • Why it’s so easy for us to get caught up in a spiral of thinking negatively and fearfully
  • How we become addicted to fear hormones and why being more change-friendly helps


“We are given the gift to choose. You can choose fear or you can choose to step up to love. We have that amazing power.”  –  Jennavieve “JJ” Joshua


About JJ:
Image of Jennavieve 'JJ' Joshua - Intuitive Life Coach - Business Culture Consultant

“What would you do next if nothing was in your way?”

That is the question Jennavieve “JJ” Joshua has been helping individuals and professional teams answer for over 24 years. JJ saves her clients time by intuitively identifying unconscious roadblocks that may be sabotaging the achievement of specific goals and intentional life-design.

By listening to the client’s Higher Self, she formulates a custom plan of options and strategies that breakthrough that “sticky stuck place” that is often present in a personal development or healing journey.

JJ’s broad base of corporate and life experience, and her unique strategy of coaching, provides what one client calls, A profound, yet practical spiritual perspective where the rubber meets the road!” 

She provides life coaching tips that can be immediately applied and folded into a busy life on her Thoughtful Thursday weekly video blog.

In 1996, JJ left her deeply fulfilling 18-year corporate career in sales, training, and development within Fortune 500 companies, to follow the calling from her Higher Self to begin her coaching career.

While JJ primarily works with women in midlife who are seeking to move from self-sabotage and self-doubt to an inner experience of personal power, her client base includes individuals of all ages and needs. She has helped hundreds of people across the US and Canada reach their goals including executives, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, consultants, and seekers of all kinds.

JJ also designs and leads live and virtual seminars that support the transformative power of intentional living. Her intuition and warmth, combined with her facilitation skills, enable her to deliver outcomes with unusual clarity, depth, and speed. JJ’s clients experience the benefits of her rare visioning ability to listen deeply and to see, hear, and know beyond what may be readily apparent.


When you’re wanting to strengthen yourself, figure out how you can break the spell physically, emotionally, and mentally so that you can become comfortable with what is and always call upon that transcendent self, or that higher energy, to help you deal with uncertainty and embrace it as you go along.”  –  Jennavieve “JJ” Joshua


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“Whatever we focus on, we are feeding energy to, and whatever we feed energy to grows. Most of us are growing what we don’t want because we’re focusing on the negative. We’re focusing on what we fear rather than what we want to create.”  –  Paula Shaw


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