Today we’re talking about how our thoughts, behaviors, and responses in life are a product of our genetics.


Most of us are familiar with the fact that our eye color, hair color, and other physical traits are all a result of genetics. But, what many of us don’t realize is that we inherit much more than our outer appearance. How we behave, process our thoughts, and respond to things and people around us can actually be inherited as well.

What we’re talking about here is something called epigenetics. This science of how our cells and our genes respond to our environment runs deeper than how we were raised or what values were passed down to us from our parents.

We also inherit traits, responses, and behaviors from our ancestors and how they responded to their environment and the things that happened to them in their lives. So, the big question is, does this genetic programming mean we are stuck doing things the way that great grandma did them? Or, are we able to alter our genetic signatures and clear the limiting beliefs that have been given to us?

Genetic Researcher, Dr. Kulvinder Kaur, has spent the last several years researching the use of disruptive technology to enhance the healthcare industry through genetic diagnostics. She joins me today to discuss how our environments and genetics can work together to bring us to a space of fullness and wholeness in our lives.

Dr. Kaur also shares her journey of breaking down the barriers of her ancestral lineage and genetic programming that had once made her feel inadequate and unworthy regardless of her success.


We Discuss:

  • Saying the Right Thing When You Don’t Know What to Say
  • How our thinking, behavior, and responses to life are deeply connected to our genetics
  • What Epigenetics is and how we inherit traits and experiences from our ancestors
  • Clearing our ancestral thinking, genetic programming, and inherited limiting beliefs
  • Why Epigenetics can be used for healing and improving human performance
  • How diagnostic genetics works and what the value of it is for the average person


Many of us associate genetic testing with what I often refer to as recreational genetics – those tests that might give you insight into your ancestry and insight into your physical characteristics. While I love playing with those, there’s a real difference between that kind of information and the kind of information that will really allow us to start to answer some bigger questions.”  –  Dr. Kulvinder Kaur


About Kulvinder:
Kulvinder Kaur Image

Dr. Kulvinder Kaur was a scientist at the University of Oxford for fourteen years before being invited to work in the U.S. Biotechnology industry as an ‘Alien of Extraordinary Ability’.

Her early research pioneered the use of disruptive technologies to enhance the healthcare industry through genetic diagnostics.

Since her move to California, Kulvinder has applied her love of genetics to understanding the scientific basis of integrative medicine. 

Her passion is to provide empirical evidence for the alterations to our cells which occur when our innate healing capacity is activated. 

Kulvinder is a graduate of the Soul of Yoga’s 200 hour Hatha and Kundalini Teacher Trainings.

She combines her love of the yogic Ancient Wisdom traditions with her deep academic training at Oxford to offer unique classes at the interface of science and Spirituality.

Her TEDx talk at Winnipeg Exchange District outlined her vision for a society built on greater compassion through an understanding of our genetically encoded subconscious responses to different environmental stimuli.

In 2017, Kulvinder founded Kreomics, a consultancy firm which specializes in empowering the wellness industry with scientific support for their offerings. Today, she is the new chief scientific officer for EpigenticsRX.


“It’s been quite the journey understanding that my genetics respond to my environment and that it’s this beautiful co-creation, in a sense, of how our environment and our genetics can work together to bring us to a space of fullness and wholeness.”  –  Dr. Kulvinder Kaur


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Saying the Right Thing When You Don't Know What to say by Paula Shaw


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