Today we’re talking about owning our brilliance and tapping into the resilient spirit that’s within us all.

Resiliency is most commonly recognized as an ability to bounce back, recreate, see the light at the end of the tunnel, and know that something good is out there that we can reach for to help us through the turbulent seas we may be trying to navigate. When we have all of those pieces in alignment, we can create anything. We can create happiness, success, and abundance, and we can come back from even the worst of circumstances in life.

My guest today, Eddie Conner, has achieved international recognition as a Soul Intuitive, Radio Host, Author, Humorist, and Keynote Speaker sharing his psychic principles on thousands of radio and television shows across North America. He is committed to helping others live a Hi-Frequency life and does so by helping individuals shift their low-grade beliefs about love, money, and career into super hi-frequency desires that get great results.

In childhood, Eddie learned by example how to be resilient in trying times through witnessing his mother overcome some of their shared hardships. He also had many trials and tribulations of his own that pushed him to feel completely misunderstood and like an outcast, until he was able to tap into his resiliency from the inside out and learn to own and love his intuitive gifts. In doing so, Eddie was able to stand in his power and open the doors for his life purpose to shine through.

He joins me today to share stories of his childhood, when he first began to realize he had intuitive gifts, and how he was able to come to peace with these gifts and focus on developing them. Eddie also discusses some of the things that we can do to increase our resiliency, amp up our desire with positive, pure heart-centered belief, and manifest what we really want in life.

Even if I had the title of being gay, even if I had the title of being trash, then my beingness – of who I knew that I was – would eventually trump their perspective of me.”  –  Eddie Conner

About Eddie:

Eddie Conner is a Radio Host, Author, Humorist, Soul Intuitive, Keynote Speaker, and the Creator of Meta-Fun-ics, Making Metaphysics Fun, and Host of the Coming Aut with Liz & Eddie Podcast.

Eddie has appeared on America’s Best TV Show, The Morning Show Australia,, John Edward’s, Associated Press, The Ghost and Afterlife Documentary,, Coast-to-Coast with George Noory, and featured in for the, Best Psychics and Mediums in Los Angeles issue. In the newly released book, The Gift Within Us, Eddie is named one of the top psychics in the world.

Eddie’s Soul Intuitive abilities naturally led him to hosting shows for iHeart Radio, CRN Radio, KIEV AM-FM, LA Talk Radio, Global Voice Broadcasting Radio, and UBN Radio where he co-hosts, Truth Be Told with Tony & Eddie, doing celebrity interviews, and also hosting his, Girl Your Soul is Speaking, Unlock the Universe Within, and Sound Bites for the Soul segments.

Eddie released, How to Get Your Travel Freq On, and A Southern Psychic’s Guide to Fixin’ the BIG BUT Syndrome: originally published as Kicking the BIG BUT Syndrome. Eddie is also a contributing author to the best-selling, Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul Series, and columnist for The Caster News, Power Agent, Meta Arts, and Inner Change Magazines.

Eddie loves interviewing celebrity psychic-mediums like The Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry, World-Renowned Medium, Lisa Williams, Char Margolis, James Van Praagh, The World Famous Psychic Twins, Carmen Harra, Brett San Antonio, and Medium Kelle White, to name a few.

Eddie’s commitment to helping others live a Hi-Frequency life was the inspiration for the Spirit Light Expo — Merging Movies, Magic, & Metaphysics®, the largest exposition of its kind in the greater Los Angeles area.

An accomplished seminar leader and co-founder of, Sail into Your Soul — A Journey into Bliss, Eddie leads world tours and spiritual travel adventures to the Far East, Mexican Rivera, Alaska, Hawaii, Machu Picchu, Peru, Ireland, Aruba, and more.

Eddie is amazing at elevating television, radio, and seminar audiences higher into the rich world of his BUT-Free Living principles, trademarked language, and leading-edge methodologies.

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“Desire with positive, pure heart-centered belief with the light of the soul – when those are all married together, everything will start to move in a soul-chronistic fashion to continue to bridge your beliefs that you are actually here as a vessel of light in a body who is supposed to be living what your heart and soul brought you here to have.”  –  Eddie Conner

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