Today we’re talking about building a happy and healthy relationship with our inner child.


A lot of people have been showing up in my practice lately with issues of anxiety, sadness, depression, anger… all things that call out for inner child work. One of the reasons that inner child work becomes really important when people are trying to deal with problematic issues is because most of us receive our original wounding when we’re children.

Whether this was abuse, fear, a disappointment, or a traumatic event, we all go through traumatizing things when we’re children. These things imprint us, and that imprint affects us dramatically in how we respond to things as we go through life.

If in our adult years we aren’t feeling good about how we’re interacting in the world, then there’s a good possibility that what needs to be done is some work with our inner child. If our prior wounding is not tended to, what can evolve has the potential to be very problematic and can significantly impact many aspects of our lives.

Scalar energy researcher, Tom Paladino, also joins me today to talk about The Herpes Challenge and helping those that have been plagued with cold sores and other viral infections through the use of a groundbreaking remote wellness tool called Scalar Light.


We Discuss:

  • Whether or not we’re checking in with our inner child and why this is so important
  • Navigating through difficult conversations effectively and more confidently
  • Why inner child work plays a significant role in how we handle problematic issues
  • How the things that wound us when we’re younger often remain in our subconscious
  • Practical things that we can do to make sure our inner child is happy and healthy
  • Scalar Energy and how scalar sessions break down microbes and viruses in the body
  • The Herpes Challenge – how the Herpes virus can be eradicated painlessly and remotely


“We can break apart a virus all by way of light. With this type of technology, we can easily break down microbes in the body and return people to health.”  –  Tom Paladino


About Tom:
Image of Tom Paladino - Scalar Light

Tom Paladino is a Scalar Energy researcher based in Florida.

He has created a cutting-edge healing technology using Scalar energy, which is the fundamental, instructive life force energy that originates from the sun and the stars.

Tom’s remote sessions are fast, harmless, and painless.

His website has countless testimonials of people who have suffered from Herpes, Hepatitis, Lyme disease, and over 400,000 other pathogens that cause disease, and have seen an elimination of the DNA of specific pathogens when tested with a PCR test.


“This is the beauty when we’re working with Scalar Light. It’s a simple, painless technique, and you don’t even have to get in your car to visit a clinic – it’s all done remotely. This presents a simple, straight forward, inexpensive healing paradigm for the world.”  –  Tom Paladino


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