Today we’re not only talking about change, but we’re talking about changing it up around the world!


I invite you to ask yourself this question – what is it that you’re dying to do? What’s that kind of crazy thing that you’ve always thought about trying, but then decided it would be too irresponsible or maybe even impossible?

I have done some things in my life that may have seemed a little “far out there,” but I just knew that I didn’t want to go to my deathbed without having done them. What is that thing that’s pulling you and begging you to just take a chance?

Tarek Riman joins me today to talk about his real-life experience of biking the Camino de Santiago, which is a pilgrimage that goes from the South of France to the coast of Spain. He shares his inspiring journey of self-discovery and how it changed his life by helping him to grow exponentially and gain full awareness and appreciation of what’s truly possible in life.

Executive Director of ConnectMed International, Rita Abbati Albert, also joins me today to discuss this amazing non-profit organization that provides surgical help, healthcare, and resources to people in need all over the world. She shares how ConnectMed empowers healthcare professionals through long-term partnerships, education, and training to leave them better equipped to care for their patients.


We Discuss:

  • Stepping outside of our comfort zones to make impactful, positive change in our lives
  • The importance of going after great things in life and investing in our own soul
  • Why some people choose to stop their lives to embark on an almost 800 km pilgrimage
  • What encouraged Tarek Riman to bike the Camino not once but three times
  • Some of the most powerful moments that Tarek had while on the Camino
  • How someone can incorporate the learnings from such an experience in their everyday lives
  • Observing and absorbing in life rather than predicting and expecting what should happen
  • How ConnectMed International got started and what they’re doing in the world today
  • Providing healthcare professionals with the necessary resources, supplies, and training


About Tarek:

As Founder of Cap.TaiM, a full-service digital marketing agency, Tarek Riman works with agencies, SMBs, and Fortune 500s.

With a passion for exploration and sharing new discoveries, he also founded, with proceeds going to the UN Refugee Agency, Montreal Children’s Hospital and other causes.

Tarek is also involved with NGOs and charities in Canada and worldwide.

He is a regular contributor to Thrive Global, Huffington Post and Social Media Today, as well as the Amazon international bestselling author of The Camino Within.

As a business speaker, he gives workshops and presentations on topics such as Analytics for Businesses and Entrepreneurs, SEO for Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketing for Businesses, and Content Marketing.

As a motivational speaker, Tarek gives presentations based on his book, which includes topics such as Preparing for the Camino, Transitioning, and Embracing your Fears.

To stay updated on Tarek Riman’s adventures, marketing for businesses, or Montreal tips, you can follow him on Instagram @taou, or check out his websites:



We are not in a race against each other, we are on a journey with ourselves. We should stop comparing ourselves to each other because we all have a different Camino – we all have a different journey, whether internally or externally.”  –  Tarek Riman


About Rita:

Rita Abbati Albert is an attorney certified to practice in Illinois and California and before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Over the last 17 years, she has worked in private practice, as in-house counsel, as a law school professor, and a contributing author to legal publications. 

Ms. Albert is active in the San Diego non-profit community and has served as a legal consultant and/or board member to several nonprofits, including CoolGlobes, Inc., The Children’s School, Elite Rugby Foundation, Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds, and Foundation for Healthier Children. 

She has played a critical role as the legal consultant to ConnectMed since its inception, advising on management and financial issues. 

As Executive Director, Ms. Albert manages the programs, finances, fundraising, and overall operations of ConnectMed with the support of the Board of Directors.



“Our mission really is to improve access to specialized surgical care and follow up care to underserved populations all around the world, and we try to do that through long-term partnerships, telemedicine, and most importantly education.”  –  Rita Abbati Albert



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