Today we’re talking about kindness, compassion, and communication in the workplace and what leaders need to focus on to create a great environment for everyone.


Times are certainly changing and gone are the days where everyone simply shows up to work and does their job regardless of the environment, the circumstances, or their personal well-being. Today, employees are holding their employers to higher standards, and employers are gaining the awareness that their employees are most productive in a positive workplace.

Companies and organizations naturally want to increase their productivity, retain staff, and attract new team members, but this requires employers to understand what employees really want from a company. An unhealthy workplace will not only affect individual employees, but it will also hurt the overall success of the organization itself.

Today’s guest, Rachael Collins, is the founder of Partners in Prosperity and is a serial entrepreneur who has been a successful strategic management and organizational effectiveness consultant for over 30 years. She joins me today to discuss what leaders need to focus on in order to create optimally healthy, happy, and productive workplaces that encourage their employees to bring their best selves to work each day.


We Discuss:

  • How we can learn to communicate effectively and improve the way we connect with others
  • What’s changing in the workplace today and how employers are being held to higher standards
  • Classic mistakes that leaders of companies and organizations make and what needs to change
  • Creating a sense of trust with employees and establishing a safe and healthy work environment
  • Having compassion and communication in order to work together collaboratively and productively
  • Building organizations that attract and retain talent by establishing benefits employees really want
  • Workplace wellness and respecting employees personal needs and lives outside of the workplace


“We’re all participating in this endeavor together. We’re all here to make this business successful, and hopefully to be able to be valued for that and to improve our own skills and abilities while we’re doing that.”  –  Rachael Collins


About Rachael:
Image of Rachael Collins of Partners in Prosperity

Rachael Collins is the founder of Partners in Prosperity and is a serial entrepreneur who has been a successful strategic management and organizational effectiveness consultant for over 30 years.  

She has worked with industries and companies of every type and size from well-known start-ups (now grown-up) to major national brands.  

Rachael is a communication, problem-solving, & motivation expert who provides optimal business improvement expertise, organizational effectiveness, insight into creation of culture, and values and leadership savvy to help her clients increase profitability, productivity, organizational energy, employee commitment, and customer satisfaction in alignment with strategic business goals.  

Ms. Collins says, “The foundation of any organization must be solid but flexible, based on integrity and respect for everyone, and focused on inclusion, innovation, and improvement. Continual change is the reason we partner with you to devise more efficient ways to get work done and create healthy, unique solutions that solve immediate needs and grow with you.”


“True Leadership requires humility, emotional intelligence, and the business savvy to involve everyone in the organization equally to contribute their greatest value and be rewarded by personal and organizational success.”  –  Rachael Collins


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