Today we’re talking about avoiding the holiday blues.


As we all know, life is full of challenges, and this time of year can be particularly difficult for anyone that’s dealing with a loss or tough emotional experience. Unfortunately, these hard times can seem even more grueling when everybody else appears to be so happy.

The holidays are all about fun and joy, but anyone that’s not in the right frame of mind is left feeling even more alone and isolated. Let’s be on the lookout for those around us that may need some extra comfort or support. It can make all the difference in the world.

This time of year is also infamous for overspending. There’s so much to buy, so many people to buy for, and lots of temptation from all the holiday sales. So, how do we not get sucked into spending way over our budgets?

Financial advisor, Cheri Blair, joins me to share some very important tips for avoiding holiday overspending since it can certainly be a contributor to the holiday blues. She provides insight on setting smart budget limits and giving our credits cards a break this holiday season.


We Discuss:

  • Avoiding the holiday blues and coping with grief and tough emotions during this time of year
  • How to help other people who are going through some tough times this holiday season
  • Why the holiday season can make some people feel more sad, alone, and isolated
  • Saying the right thing when you don’t know what to say to people who are hurting
  • How to avoid overspending and relying on credit cards when buying gifts this holiday season


“It’s not just what you’re giving to somebody else, it’s what you receive because you’ve given it, and that’s a lot more satisfying than going out and spending money on something material that may be forgotten in six months.”  –  Cheri Blair


About Cheri:

Cheri Blair has been serving entrepreneurs and business owners in the financial service industry for over two decades, especially focusing on empowering women.

Being the only girl of six siblings, from a young age, she found that she had to outperform her brothers to be seen as an equal in the eyes of her family. After all, “she was just a girl.”

As a sensitive and kind-spirited girl, she had to continually fight to overcome the gender inequality pervasive throughout the Midwest in her generation.

Cheri grew to appreciate the importance of financial education and independence after observing her mother lacking the understanding of fundamental financial decisions.

Cheri came to California as a young woman eager to establish herself. She studied psychology at Chapman University before working in real estate overseeing client’s portfolios. Through hard work and dedication, she was promoted to Asset Manager, where she continued to grow her expertise in business.

Cheri moved from Newport Beach to San Diego with her baby, Tovia, after separating from her husband. With her experience, she joined Metlife Financial Services as a Financial Advisor.  She received training from leaders in the industry before discovering her passion for serving women.

It was then that she presented informative seminars to educate, and advance her clients’ financial literacy.  Cheri encouraged women to develop their financial confidence and build that muscle so they could flex it whenever needed. As a single mother, she never lost sight of her financial independence and strived to promote this with other women!

Along the way, Cheri has earned recognition as a leader in the field, winning multiple awards for her services.  She maintains a “client-centric” practice, understanding their needs come first. 

It’s important to Cheri to develop relationships with her clients that are steeped in trust. She makes sure they always know their options and actively participate in the planning process.  Cheri believes that there are “no stupid questions” and has dedicated her life to teaching financial literacy to all!

Cheri remarried in 2008.  She now lives in Cardiff with her husband Michael DePriest and her son Tovia, who is preparing to go to medical school.  As an avid runner, she enjoys running races with her beloved dog, Rocky. Additionally, she finds pleasure in walking along the beach, listening to podcasts, and jumps into Zumba classes when she has the opportunity.

Cheri has begun her next adventures as a sponsor and co-host on the radio show, “Change it Up Radio” at KCBQ with Paula Shaw, and is preparing to launch a podcast series aimed at educating women to develop their financial literacy so they too can confidently approach their finances. Cheri always likes to say…” You must value your future comfort as much as you value your comfort today!”


“Don’t let your debt become the scrooge that robs you of fun for your holiday season.”  –  Cheri Blair


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