Today, we are talking about the grief, loss, and emotional pain experienced by individuals undergoing divorce and elder abuse.

There are many forms of loss that an individual can experience in a divorce, from material belongings to the loss of an identity as a married person, the disintegration of friend groups, and the upheaval of home life. Most notably, there is often the loss of hopes, goals, and dreams that were tied to that marriage as well.

In this episode, I am joined by Rachel King, who is an attorney and the owner of King Law Firm, Attorneys at Law Inc., specializing in Elder Abuse Litigation, Family Law, Probate Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, and Conservatorships. She shares her personal experience of growing up as a child of divorced parents, which she acknowledges has shaped her understanding of what people endure during a divorce.

We discuss the intense emotions and significant life changes that people face when they contemplate a significant life event such as divorce, and the importance of addressing and processing this grief for successful transitions in life. Rachel explains that divorce is not just about ending a legal contract, but it also involves the grief of losing a spouse, shared dreams, and a shared history.

She also provides valuable insight into the complex and often misunderstood issue of elder abuse, going beyond the traditional definition and shedding light on the more subtle forms of this crime. Rachel explains that while physical abuse is certainly a concern, financial manipulation and exploitation by family members and caregivers during estate planning are the most highly litigated forms of elder abuse she encounters.

Some key topic points covered in this episode include:

  • How the multifaceted nature of grief extends beyond death to situations like divorce and elder abuse
  • The impact of divorce and elder abuse on both the individuals involved and their families
  • How Rachel’s personal and professional journey led her to specialize in elder abuse and family law
  • The importance of addressing and processing grief for successful transitions in life
  • Why divorce is a significant life change that involves intense emotions and grief
  • Why even unwanted relationships or abusive marriages require a process of mourning
  • How the hope of reconciliation or change can often extend the divorce process, leading to more pain
  • How divorce impacts children and why it’s crucial to maintain a healthy post-divorce environment
  • The complex and often misunderstood issue of elder abuse, and the more subtle forms of this crime
  • The prevalence of financial elder abuse in estate planning and the manipulation tactics used
  • The crucial role of awareness and education in preventing elder abuse

About Rachel King:

Rachel is a serial entrepreneur starting at the age of 12. This work ethic and drive at an early age led to 7 years of military service. Utilizing her disciplined skills, she moved forward, owning multiple businesses and acquiring the desire to continue expanding her talents.

The passion for Law was instilled in her from birth from her father’s law career, so she followed in his footsteps opening her law firm in 2014.

The combination of entrepreneurship, discipline training, and the understanding of law allows her to be the rising leader for California, Arizona, Texas, and Kentucky, with her firm specializing in business law, family law, estate law, real estate law, and growing.

Alongside her impressive career, she is a proud wife and mother and is loved by her community for her continued service in outreach.

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