Today, we are talking about the importance of expressing emotions honestly and authentically, especially for men who are often not given permission to do so due to societal norms.

In this episode of Change It Up Radio, I am joined by Jeff Guenzburger, the former chaplain of the San Diego Chargers and the head of Reset Ministries, to discuss his experience helping warriors, particularly NFL players and Navy SEALS, deal with the challenges of transitioning from their professional and military careers to their personal lives.

Jeff talks about addressing the emotional and spiritual needs of these warriors and helping them rediscover their true identities beyond their professions. He emphasizes the importance of expressing emotions honestly and authentically, especially for men who are not typically given permission to do so.

Jeff shares a concept called the “river of life,” which refers to the pain, hardships, and trials everyone experiences. He encourages individuals to gain self-awareness of why they react in certain ways during difficult situations and discusses the importance of reacting with patience and kindness during intense moments in relationships.

Jeff offers practical tools and processes to help people navigate through difficult times in their lives and reach their full potential.

Some key topic points covered in this episode include:

  • Jeff’s experience working with athletes and military personnel
  • The difficulty men face in expressing their emotions and how this issue affects their ability to process loss and grief
  • How military veterans often find it challenging to adapt to civilian life after leaving the military
  • Why so many NFL players struggle to find purpose and direction in their lives when their career ends
  • The grief and losses associated with these transitions – including loss of income, position, and fame – and the importance of having support and a sense of community during the process
  • The spiritual development plan Jeff is spearheading for the United States Football League

About Jeff Guenzburger:

Jeff Guenzburger is a man whose passion is to impact the lives of people. Originally born in St. Louis, Missouri, Jeff played four years of college football, finishing up walking-on at the University of Missouri.

He found his way to San Diego, California in 1999, where he started his career training and working with professional athletes. Over the years, this resulted in several guys getting drafted, including a Superbowl MVP and an Olympian.

Currently, Jeff’s dedication and true desire is helping men reach their full potential. Jeff received his Masters of Ministry from Bethel Seminary. During his tenure, he served as one of the Chaplains for the San Diego Chargers, in addition to working with Navy Seals, helping them win in the game of life.

After the franchise moved to Los Angeles, Jeff stayed in San Diego and started what is known today as Reset Ministries. One of Reset’s main focuses is to step into the fight and help lead men through the best and worst life throws at them.

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