Today we’re talking about how to become a master of your health and the emotions that trigger food cravings and can cause a painful cycle of shame and self-sabotage.

So many people find themselves wondering, “Why can’t I just lose this weight?!” The reality is that losing weight and keeping it off can be quite difficult. Despite what some people in the wellness industry might say, there is no quick fix or magic pill when it comes to weight loss. 

The first thing to keep in mind is that losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way that works for you and your body is about more than just diet, exercise, and willpower. Everything from our emotions to our biology to our environment can make losing weight an uphill battle. When you can start to tune into yourself more and understand why weight loss is so difficult, you can learn to overcome these obstacles and achieve your goals without beating yourself up over every little setback.

My guest today, Gina Worful, who is a registered dietitian and master of human nutrition, joins us to talk about her personal struggles with health and learning how to love, understand, and connect with her body on a deeper level. She shares how her journey fueled her passion for teaching others how to know, trust, and feel confident with their bodies from the inside out. 

This approach allows individuals to connect with their bodies, learn how to honor their emotions, and soothe cravings so that their health doesn’t have to feel like a daily battle. This way, they can always feel in control and are able to enjoy the experience of eating without needing restrictive rules and unshakable willpower.

Gina explains the science of how and why we get food cravings, why habits are so hard to break, and how we can become the master of our own minds and the emotions that trigger cravings and cause self-sabotage. She shares how we can learn to allow our cravings to communicate to us what our bodies need rather than creating more restrictions around our diets and shaming ourselves along the way.

“Sometimes we do need to learn more. Sometimes we do need a deeper understanding. But, I can also tell you that if you have gone from diet to diet and you keep jumping from plan to plan and you’re just searching for that next thing, it might not be the next piece of knowledge or the next set of rules or the more restriction that you need. It might just be going into what you’re afraid of the most, which is where your answers are – in your body.” – Gina Worful

About Gina:

Image of Gina Worful - Regisitered Dietician - Master of Human Nutrition -

Gina Worful is a registered dietitian and master of human nutrition. After years of health struggles, Gina
became passionate about teaching people how to know their body from the inside out.

Her signature coaching program, Mastering Mindfulness, trains people to overcome food cravings and create trust with their food and body.

Gina also develops personalized nutrition programs using lab data to take the guesswork out of health and
nutrition. Gina continues to teach her methods for conferences, international societies, academic institutions, and world-renowned health centers.

“I know how bad your heart is craving to just have trust with yourself and compassion and love and work with your body and not against it. And it’s going to be so rewarding to just go into what you’re scared of, to see that there’s so much freedom on the other side. It’s truly the most rewarding experience to just get to trust myself and have a relationship with my body and not shame it every day. That’s where the freedom is.” – Gina Worful

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