Today we’re talking about tuning inward to find our power, activating the field of unlimited possibilities, and living a more conscious, resilient, and spirit-infused life.

Time and time again, many of us try to logic our way through our feelings, whether it be our pain, our grief, or our frustrations. Most of us know that we can’t actually logic our way through a feeling, but we’re so acculturated to getting stuck inside of our own heads trying to find a solution. Unfortunately, in the process, we tend to end up completely disconnected from our hearts and unable to tap into greater meaning in life.

My guest today, Dr. Alison J. Kay, has got the all-around knowledge and training that I think we need to support us, to lift us, and to shift us in this day and age with all the challenges that we have. She is an award-winning Master Mind-Body Energy Medicine Facilitator and teacher for more than 25 years, as well as a world-traveler who lived in Asia for 10 years studying the subtle energy system and consciousness, who intertwines her yoga, meditation, and mindfulness background with her energy medicine training in five different energy medicine modalities.

Dr. Alison joins me to share how we can learn to get out of our heads, really understand the importance of this whole, holistic being that we are, work with our own consciousness, and do the inner work to access our connection to our higher self so that we can hear our heart and live the most joyous and abundant life possible.

Our systems are designed for joy; they’re designed for health and well-being. And the way we get there is not through our thinking mind, but going beyond our thinking mind where we can access our connection to our higher self into source and hear our heart. It’s just as simple as, does your thought that you just had make you feel heavy, or contracted? Or, does it make you feel light and smile?”  –  Dr. Alison J. Kay

About Dr. Alison:

Alison J. Kay, Ph.D. is a multiple time #1 International Best-Selling Author, including her latest book, The Dragon Master Creatrix: Conversations With a Female Spiritual Teacher For these New Times, released in late January, 2021. 

She is an award-winning Master Mind-Body Energy Medicine Facilitator and teacher for more than twenty-five years, and a world-traveler who lived and worked at an International School in Asia for ten years, while also performing energy medicine & holistic wellness coaching sessions for clients on the side there and worldwide, as she continued to study at the source the subtle energy system and consciousness. 

During her experience in Asia, Alison completed her Ph.D. as a Holistic Life Coach. She continued fiercely studying Buddhism and Buddhist meditation, while also learning and eventually teaching Chi Gong, and receiving traditional Chinese and other Asian holistic treatments many times per week. 

Prior to returning home, Dr. Alison went to India and became a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher. All this took place while she was both an administrator and classroom teacher, teaching English Literature, AP Psychology, and a course she created, “Global Psychology” that combines both Eastern and Western psychological methodologies.

The Vibrational UPgrade™ System was created by Dr. Alison after spending these years in Asia studying subtle energy. Her system presents the intersection of the mind, body, and spirit applied to cultivating vitality, health, longevity, and overall well-being that leads to reaching one’s fullest potential. 

During her speaking engagements, she consistently awes her audiences with the completeness and accuracy from which they awaken and recognize their own physical, emotional, mental, and life challenges having a direct, clear correlation to a specific chakra or two.

She has developed a system that targets the missing links that have been understood to be the weak points in the American medical system “daily self and chronic care,” as she fully documents in her well-researched first book, What if There’s Nothing Wrong? Dr. Alison uncovers the unifying tools with the understanding of how energy flows – or does not – in the body, and how that creates:

  • Health and wellness 
  • Vitality and clarity 
  • Centered peace & calm 
  • Abundance 
  • Healthy emotional expression 
  • Balance Increased capacities 
  • Increased intuitive awareness & guidance 
  • Increased connection to the field of unlimited possibilities 
  • Increased access to one’s hidden, or latent, potential

… and a whole lot more.

It’s a really unique combination, the Vibrational UPgrade™ System, that Dr. Alison has created. The highly functional intertwining of her yoga, meditation, and mindfulness background with her energy medicine training in five different energy medicine modalities – including her first being Usui Reiki where she’s only 6 removed from the founder of reiki but going way beyond reiki – form as a “Behavioral Change Specialist” from ICF, as a part of her personal trainer certification. This combination system that results in actual, realized, permanent behavioral change. 

In fact, she has specialty certification grounds in a revolutionary way that no one else out there has yet seen, what has typically been considered “spiritual” in the West, while targeting effects within the material. This is why so many colleagues have come to term her a pioneer in this field.

“Allow yourself to choose, in a day, what brings you joy—maybe attend to one less burden, or one less obligation, and replace it with one thing that gives your heart joy. You will start to be able to come from your heart more and less from your mind with the “shoulds.” And then, you will become increasingly more and more heart-led, and you’ll get a flavor of, in a sense, what it looks like to be making choices that honor your spirit.”  –  Dr. Alison J. Kay

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